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Topic: ESP8266 - AT Firmware (Read 10636 times) previous topic - next topic

ESP8266 - AT Firmware

Connect the ESP8266-12E as follows;

  • GPIO15 - GND
  • GPIO02 - VCC
  • GPIO00- GND
  • RESET - GND ( Temporarily )
  • TX - RX
  • RX - TX

  • Install

Code: [Select]
 pip install esptool 

  • Download SDK 2.2.1

Code: [Select]

  • Extract files and go to bin/
  • Run the following command and reset the chip

Code: [Select] --port /dev/tty.usbserial-A603AYEQ --baud 115200 write_flash --flash_mode dio 0x00000 boot_v1.2.bin 0x01000 at/512+512/ 0x7B000 blank.bin 0x3FC000 esp_init_data_default_v05.bin 0x7E000 blank.bin

Re: ESP8266 - AT Firmware - 3.0.1

Reply #1
Code: [Select] erase_flash

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select] -p /dev/tty.usbserial-A603AYEQ --chip esp8266 write_flash --flash_size 2MB-c1 0x00000 boot_v1.2.bin 0x01000 at/1024+1024/ 0x1fc000 esp_init_data_default_v05.bin 0xfe000 blank.bin 0x1fb000 blank.bin 0x1fe000 blank.bin